“Javarovy Ludzi” (Maple Folk) and “Javarovy Dzieci” (Maple Children)

Belarusian Folk Choir “Javarovy Ludzi” (Maple Folk) and “Javarovy Dzieci” (Maple Children). Director – Violetta Kovaleva

Belarusian Folk Choir “Javarovy Ludzi”

Belarusian Folk Choir “Javarovy Ludzi” (Maple Folk) of Belarusian Canadian Alliance was established in 2001 in Toronto. In twenty years the group evolved into a strong team that enjoys singing traditional Belarusian folk songs and performing folk dances.

“Javarovy Ludzi” is the only ensemble in Ontario that represents the folkloric musical culture of Belarus, centuries-old traditions and rites.

Members of the choir perform in traditional Belarusian costumes made by hand according to time-honoured techniques.

The group has been engaged in reconstruction of Belarusian ancient rites where songs and dances interlace with the elements of folk theatre, such as Kupalle (Summer Solstice), Kalyady (Winter Solstice), Hukannie Viasny (Call of Spring), Radziny (Celebration of a Baby Being Born) and others.

The group utilizes an ancient technique for open-air singing. Some of the songs sound exactly how they sounded hundreds years ago.

Belarusian Children Choir “Javarovy Dzieci”

Belarusian Children Choir “Javarovy Dzieci” (Maple Kids) was established in Toronto in 2015. Children perform Belarusian folk songs, the modern children songs written by Belarusian composers and also classical children songs translated into Belarusian.

“Javarovy Dzieci” is the younger group of the Belarusian Folk Choir “Javarovy Ludzi”. Both ensembles have been organized and directed by Violetta Kovaleva.

Sometimes the adult and children choirs perform together. The children choir has been fully engaged in the celebration of Belarusian Summer Solstice (Kupalle) and Winter Solstice (Kalyady). The children also take part in the preparation of musical Christmas Greetings that have been annually recorded by “Javarovy Ludzi” group in recent years.

Today, Belarusian Childrens Chior “Javarovy Dzieci” consists of 14 children ages 7 to 14.


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