Dr. Piotra P. Murzionak. “Belarus: Prospects Of A Middle Power”

Belarus, a middle-sized nation with more than a thousand years of history, is not well known beyond periodic media headlines. Modern scholarly and popular literature covers only fragments from Belarus’s long history and current geopolitical, social, and cultural issues. Belarusian history in this book differs in many aspects from history and myths created by Russian scholars and propagated worldwide. The author argues for the existence of a Western-Ruthenian (Belarusian-Ukrainian) civilization as a sub-civilization of Western civilization and thus different from Eurasian civilization. With original, detailed. and critical views on Belarusian history from the ninth century to the present, it explores the latest information about Belarusian society regarding mentality, identity, religion, current elites, the Revolution of Hope 2020. It then analyzes the future prospects of Belarus based on an assessment of modern trends in human societal and political development. It provides detailed analysis of current activities of Belarusian national and ruling elites and their ideologies vis-à-vis the building of a nation-state.

Dr. Piotra P. Murzionak provides original and critical analysis of Belarusian history since the 9th Century including wide-ranging evidence of a distinct Western-Ruthenian (Belarusian-Ukrainian) civilization. Includes the latest information about Belarusian mentality, identity, religion, current elites, and analysis of future prospects for nation-building.


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